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Holly Gornik

Holly Gornik

     Holly Gornik was a member of the Utah Symphony as English Horn and Oboist for 39 years. She has recorded more than 275 scores for movies and theatre. Holly is quite an accomplished visual artist as well, which is evident in her art work and graphics contained in the CD package. 
     Jay Richards arranged this CD especiallyfor Holly with full orchestra. These movie themes are some of the most memorable and lovely melodies we have enjoyed in the past few years. They seem to lend themselves to the Oboe and English horn, especially with the very sensitive string background and woodwind support that we have incorporated into this lovely product. We hope that everyone enjoys this musical gift as much as we have enjoyed producing it for you.
     Gornik holds degrees from Northwestern University and University of Utah in oboe performance. She is a member of the University of Utah woodwind faculty and remains an in-demand studio musician having recorded on hundreds of commercial recordings for television, movies, and album releases. Holly has released two solo albums and is an accomplished arranger. She is also an accomplished chamber musician.
    "Gornik was equally interested in art and music during her youth and received scholarships in both areas upon high-school graduation. Her love of mechanical things drew her to the oboe as a child, and later the English horn. It's a lucky trait for a musician who must maintain finicky instruments and supply them with a constant stream of handmade reeds.
      Her career includes teaching, recording and performing on oboe and English horn, but she never lost her love for visual art. Painting and sculpture serve as antidotes to the stress of playing an instrument that stands out whenever it is heard. "I view it as therapy for me. My job can be exceedingly intense," she said.
      For her, art and music are dual compulsions that spring from an inner need to be creative.
     "I have to play the music," she said. "It's something inside, not a choice. Like painting -- I have to paint. I've let myself down if I don't have some expression in that way.'" - Celia R Baker, Salt Lake Tribune

More about Holly Gornik:

Gariel's Oboe: Musica d'Amore del Cinema
     Holly Gornik is almost certainly an unfamiliar name, so a little biography is in order. She is an oboist and English hornist with the Utah Symphony, and an adjunct professor at the University of Utah, Weber State University and Westminster College. A talented artist, responsible for all the artwork on the present album, as a freelance musician she has performed on the soundtracks of over 275 film and TV scores. read more

Utah Symphony: Sounding off through through the English horn
     Holly Gornik's life as the Utah Symphony's English-horn player is marked by long stretches of boredom interspersed with moments of "absolute panic and terror" when she picks up a cold instrument to play highly exposed solo passages. Such is life for players of the oboe's alto-voiced cousin. Composers employ its haunting voice sparingly, but always with special intent. . . . read more.

Artist captures musicians at play
     Holly Gornik's paintings offer a close-up look at musicians at work. They capture not only the faces of the players, but also their gestures.
     The subject matter is a natural for Gornik.
      "My profession was symphony orchestra musician for 42 years," she said. "I was always drawing and painting my colleagues." read more

Utah Symphony
Utah Symphony - Keith Lockhart, Conductor